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The Finished Garden

I say "when I get my garden finished" however I have come to the realization that it will never be "finished"
There will always be weeding, deadheading and the desire to expand with new plants. This my friend, is the joy of gardening.
Each day when I arrive home from work, I go to the garden to see what has taken place while I was away. Sometimes I find a new seedling just breaking ground or maybe a slug having dinner. Either way, I find the anticipation of what the next day may bring is what keeps me gardening, and this is how I know It will never be "finished".

Spring is here !

and its hot already!!I have once again, as I do every summer deserted my household duties.The clothes are piled up and dust has settled everywhere. I haven't cooked a meal in days. I will tell you what I have done though. I have dug and weeded and planted and spent way too much money on flowers.

New Binnoculars!!

Today, I bought new binnoculars!!! I can't wait to get out and put them to the test. I have used them a bit, spying on the birds that stop in for a quick bite. Today my husband wanted me to go into town with him, to the bank, and I did, but not without my new binnoculars. I know he thinks I have lost my mind. I guess I must have pointed out every bird we seen along the way. While waiting in the drive thru at the bank, I spotted a flock of birds that I just couldn't identify. They they were perched high in the naked tree tops, a person not really looking might have thought they were seed pods or something of the like. The birds appeared to have yellow colored breast, and boy were they fat.I got my husband to stop, yes in the middle of the road, so I could get a better look. We only stopped briefly, my husband thought people might think we were casing out the bank or something I guess. Needless to say I couldn't identify them.I'll be back....binnoculars in hand, and alon…

homemade treats

Birdy pizza
apple, cored and sliced
peanut butter
core and slice apples, spread peanut butter over apple. sprinkle with bird seed and press into peanut butter. You can hang these or just put out where the birds can spot them.