Last Leaves

Well , it won't be long now until the last leaves will fall and the trees will stand naked. I love fall, the crispness in the air and beautiful colors of the landscape. I often find myself collecting fallen leaves. Why, I don't know, because they are beautiful and I can't resist I suppose. However this fall I did make a collage of some leaves I had gathered. I made a frame of twigs and acorns. I thought it would look nice hanging in my garden shed.


Cindy said…
I love your framed collage. It will be the perfect reminder of fall when you are waiting for spring to arrive.
Helen said…
That's so beautiful! I love the frame. What a great idea!
Craig Glenn said…
Stumbled on you blog from another and wanted to say that I enjoyed my visit. I love the collage and frame you made. Isn't it great how the simplist of projects can give the greatest amout of pleasure and enjoyment.

spookydragonfly said…
Great idea with the fallen leaves and collage! I like it!
I really like your 'leaf art'. What did you use to glue the leaves to the paper? My niece and I could do something like that. It would be fun.
Kim said…
I really like your collage! What a great idea - I'll have to remember that next year when I have a shed and some leaves to gather. Thanks for sharing.
I had to come back again and look at your framed leaves. I just love the idea.

Garden Bloggers said…
That is really cool. I have to steal this idea.
Great leaf collage!

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