Botanical Emergency!!

Hi Everyone,
I know I have been a little scarce lately, but I'm sure you all know how easy it is to become so involved in the garden that you tend to neglect EVERYTHING else. Well that has been me. I planted a veggie garden this year and have been busy harvesting and preserving.
Today, we have rain and I thought this would be a perfect time to catch up.
I also have a catastrophic event going on in my garden, Whiteflies!! I have tried about everything I know. I have sprayed daily with strong jets of water, I have used insecticidal soap and oil sprays but all to no avail !! I just don't know what else to do. All of my plants are turning black from the honeydew that is secreted by the whiteflies. I am thinking that the Hackberry tree that's in my backyard is the culprit.
My husband says that I have become obsessed, and i guess I have. I hate to do it but I may have to resort to a chemical pesticide.
I was also wondering, how long are these things gonna be around? I was hoping they would go away after a few weeks but it's looking like they are gonna hang around until a freeze kills them.
Anyway it's good to be back and maybe I will be posting more often now, especially since the whiteflies have taken over my garden. LOL


Ginger said…
I don't have magic advice for you, but repeated applications of neem oil have been fairly successful for white flies on my cucumbers. I hate to even use that too much, though, because I don't want it to hurt the bees.
Those flies are very annoying!!
JanuskieZ said…
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It's nice to see a post from you, Machelle--although, not on this particular topic! I don't have any advice to give, but hope you can get things under control. What a way to end the gardening season! At the same time, it IS a good opportunity to get out of the garden and back into blogging:-) Hope you've been well!
Ilona said…
Looking in on the Toadshed. Hopefully the whiteflies are gone, and your blogging resumes in the coming year :)
Harrison said…
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