The Garden Journal

I began keeping a garden journal several years ago, It was just a regular journal with blank pages. I kept a record of my purchases and receipts. I noted rain dates and frost dates. I refer back to it from time to time. I often forget about plants that have gone dormant, until in the spring when I get out digging around and my spade strikes a bulb. Then I remember. A journal helps me with that as well.
I found a wonderful journal from Lee Valley Tools, and my mother surprised me with it for my birthday! ( I just haven't had time to post about it. shhh) , Any howsey, it is a beautifully crafted 10 yr journal with 541 pages. It has no pre printed years, so you can begin it at any time. I was so thrilled with it, I just had to share.


tina said…
Someone else JUST posted on this same journal that I read today. I think it was an UK blog, isn't that awful I forgot already? Oh well, you are very organized to keep such good records. I think it really helps.
Phillip said…
I have that same journal. I just started on my second one last year. I'm not that great about keeping it up to date though.
Beautiful! In these days of convenient technology, it is wonderful that you keep a handwritten journal.

Chandramouli S said…
I remember someone else blogging about how huge their garden journal become at the end of year. Urggh! Mouli, who's that? I've got a horrible absence of mind.
It's so nice to see that you guys are meticulous. Great blog! I'm never so patient and meticulous. Sometimes I make a note of the dates when I sow my seedlings but with time, I miss some...
Sunita said…
What an absolutely wonderful present! I can just imagine how thrilled you must be. There's something so magical about a brand new book with pages just waiting to be written on. And this takes it at least 10 degrees higher doesnt it?
Machelle said…
you are absolutely right. It is so nice, I don't wanna mess it up by writing in it! haha
Alan said…
Hi Machelle,

That's a great gift! I try to keep garden notes but I'm not very organized. I'll jot down notes on paper, on my laptop, etc. Then when it comes to looking up something I can never remember where I wrote it down at; lol! Looks like a really neat journal. Have fun with it!
Hi Machelle, It really looks pretty:) You must be very organized. I used to keep a journal, every day, for years. It wasn't about gardening, though. Now that I garden, I feel I don't need to write down my thoughts and feelings anymore--it all comes together for me through gardening! But I can see how special writing in a journal that your mom gave you will be to you!
I really like your blog a lot, so I am going to follow it, ok? You have a lot of interesting ideas, I can see that:) I'm glad I found you:) Have a wonderful day! Jan
What a lovely gift. I always try to journal but some how it seems to get lost in the other gardening.
Tom said…
I started my blog as a way to keep track of the same things. I note the weather, what I did that day in the house or garden, and any other thing I might want to remember. I find it's easier for me on the computer than on paper. Not to mention I can have terrible hand writing.

Thanks for stopping by my place. I'm going to add you to my links.

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