Gift from a Friend

Kay, My gardening friend from work, gave me this pretty sedum "Dragons Blood" I had spotted one several years ago at a plant sale and have always regretted that I didn't get it. I had mentioned this to Kay in casual conversation, and she surprised me with this the other day. Isn't it wonderful to have gardening friends?

This is what it looks like when in bloom.


Dave said…
Dragon's Blood is a great sedum! You can make many more of them too by just rooting them in water. you've got a god friend!
That's what they SAY it'll look like. Best of luck with it!
lola said…
Beautiful plant. I would like to have one of those. Nice friend.
tina said…
It IS wonderful to have gardening friends!
Kerri said…
What a sweet gardening friend :)
Sedums are wonderful, aren't they? I fell in love with them last summer when our youngest daughter and her boyfriend gave me a dishgarden full of them for my birthday.
You can just stick cuttings in the ground. They root very easily.
The Dragon's Blood is gorgeous.

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