New Compost Bin

Old Compost Bin

New Compost Bin

I am so excited!! Dewayne, (my wonderful Hubby) finally got my new compost bin built. I have never used this compost maker before, but thought I would try it . He built a two bin system so I can transfer the finished compost over.

Now, for the cold frame...

My Gardening friend, Kay, picked up these old windows for me. They should work fine for my cold frame.


Cindy said…
What a wonderful hubby you have. That's a beautiful bin!
Anna said…
This is a very pretty blog! I'm glad you got your compost bin. And I'm doing the same with some old windows. We'll have to share picks when it's all done. I'm hoping my geraniums will overwinter in them.
tina said…
I JUST LOVE that compost bin! Tell hubby he did a great job. I built mine and the slats to put in front are not on a good track so it is a bit amatuerish and a not so nice looking. Your husband did a great job! I did do okay with my coldframe though. Make sure you put yours where errant limbs and balls and gardening stuff doesn't fall thru the windows:) Looking forward to seeing what he or you build it-and what you grow in it.
lola said…
Terrific looking compost bin. Hubby did a great job. Now you can garden to your hearts content with all the compost.
Dave said…
Very nice bin! It sure beats the one I put together yesterday. 3 palettes screwed together, yours is very nice. You reminded me that I need to get busy on our cold frame!
Machelle said…
Lola, thanks. I am very excited about it. I will be so excited when I actually see it smoking on a cool morning. Then and only then will I feel like I have succeeded.
Northern Shade said…
Your new bin looks much sturdier. It will be easier to get in to turn and check it. Having a way to separate the older compost from the new will make the whole system more efficient.
The cold frame should give you a jump start on the next season.
Carolyn gail said…
Hi Machelle and thanks for visiting my Chicago garden. Glad to meet a friendly fellow Alabamian.

I look forward to following your blog.
Great bin! I want to see your cold frame, so keep posting these project pics! Cameron

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