Fall Tomatoes

Cuttings taken from tomatoes in August. I put them in water for seven days and wala! roots. Now, I must not take the credit for this, I learned it from a nursery owner that was a guest on the local news.

now, I already have little tomatoes.
Your fall tomatoes will tend to taste better than those that you’ve harvested in the heat of the summer from your spring planting. And there is also less insect and disease pressure.
Tomatoes take around 60 days to grow up, mature, and start producing fruit. That means if you get them in the ground by August 1st, then you’ll start producing tomatoes in early October, just as the heat begins to break. Also, many times, that first freeze or two are actually light frosts. By protecting your tomato plants through that first frost or two, you could actually be harvesting tomatoes for the Christmas Dinner table!


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