I've Got How many Holes to Dig?

You can find so many wonderful deals this time of year at local nurseries and home improvement stores. In fact I went on sort of a plant binge this week, it started on Thursday after work and went on into Saturday. I never stopped to think as I was loading up my cart with so many shrubs that I would actually have to dig holes for all of these!
Well, I guess I had better get started.


Ilona said…
We are all the same, it seems! What gardener doesn't have their heart leap when they see such fabulous plants, and on sale!

The digging is the hard part... but it isn't so bad once you start (that is what I tell myself anyway;)

I love your page, Machelle
Kerri said…
Oh yes, I know the feeling well :)
I hope you have them all planted by now.
I don't dare go near a nursery as I have more than enough to do already before the cold sets in.
Thanks for the fave. It's much appreciated :)

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