Puttering- pass time with trivial things: to do trivial or unimportant tasks in a random, leisurely way

v. intr. To occupy oneself in an aimless or ineffective manner. v. tr. To waste (time) in idling: puttered away the hours in the garden.

I guess this is what I spent most of the weekend doing, pulling a few weeds here and there, raking up leaves for the compost bin. I spent, or should I say wasted a lot of time walking around looking for my misplaced bypass pruners. I also went through all of my plant tags. Do you save plant tags? Some plants were long forgotten,these were the ones that just didn't make it. I have tried to grow some things over and over vowing that this time, I would MAKE it live. I ammended the soil, made sure that it was watered and fed and was receiving the proper light conditions, yet still it would die. I think this makes a gardener even more determined, so we try again. I had one plant that I became so displeased with, that I literally yanked it up and began to dissect it, knowing that the reason for its untimely death had to be in the root system. After not seeing any root eating insects or a horrible fungus or disease, I reluctantly placed it in the trash and said good-bye. Until next year.
So getting back to the subject, sorry I wandered off. Saving my tags helps me to remember what I have had in the past that I may or may not want to try again.


Northern Shade said…
I love to putter around the garden, sometimes accomplishing a lot, and sometimes with not much to show for it afterwords, but a sense of satisfaction and peacefulness.
I enjoy keeping track of my plants. I use a spreadsheet to organize the information, but I also keep the tags in a bag. On my spreadsheet I put a 'z' at the front of any plant that died, or that I removed, so it sorts at the bottom.
Great blog! Adding you to my blog list at Defining Your Home Garden. I see that you've linked to mine. Cameron
lola said…
Hi, I just wondered over from Tina "In The Garden". I enjoyed your blog & will return.
I myself putter a lot. Mostly that's all I can do. You never know what you will find just "puttering".
I must admit I had a little trouble seeing the writing. I guess these old eyes aren't what they used to be.
lola said…
I meant to ask you where did you find the little "Toad House" that you have pictured in you header? I love it.
Crafty Gardener said…
I love your header and blog title. Puttering around is a very important thing to do.
Cindy said…
Funny those plant tags. I used to save them and then would come upon them in the garage not remember what was where and they were of no general use to me so I pitched them all with a new strategy (as soon as I have new tags that is). My new strategy is to scan them into the computer and use them to help me catalogue my plants and gardens. Hmmm, maybe I should do a post on that.
Nothing like a good day of puttering to sooth the soul.

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