March Roars

in like a lion, yes we finally got snow! Not much but its better than nothing. I took the opportunity to go out and snap a few pictures, and while I was out I noticed that the bird feeders were low so I proceeded to fill them. The birds must have really been cold and hungry they only flew out of the way for me to take the feeders down and were waiting for me to put them back up. I gave them some treats of peanuts and grapes, which the bluejays and mockingbirds loved. The beautiful dark eyed junco is always an expected visitor on really cold or snowy days.
The sun has come out and the snow is almost gone, I really enjoyed it while it lasted. I guess the birds are happy.


Phillip said…
I knew that we were going to get snow this year. I hated that we didn't get to see it falling. It had stopped by the time I woke up and was gone in a few hours.
Machelle said…
Seems as though the sun never shines bur as soon as we get snow---here it comes. Oh well, we seem to get most of our snow in March anyway so maybe I will have another chance for a snow day. LOL
spookydragonfly said…
Oh Machelle!...If I could send you some snow your way to enjoy, believe me, I would! I don't have a right to complain as of today it is cold, sunny and no snow. But, around here we have lots more snow coming! Your birds don't seem to mind the snow either!
Rurality said…
Looks like you got a little more than we did. I hated to see it gone so fast!
Alan said…
Hi Machelle,
Great photos! We got some of that snow yesterday here in VA. We love snow at our house. It wasnt much but it was nice while it lasted.

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