Saturday To Do List

I think if I post what I need to get done, just maybe I will actually do it.

So here it goes:

Move Nandinas (5)
Move Rose
Move CoraBell
Plant Boxwoods (5)
Plant Spirea
Plant Weigela (2)
Plant Pussy Willow
Plant Japanese Maple- Bloodgood
Plant Japanese Maple- Coral Bark
Plant Yellow Twig Dogwood

Plant Sedum
Plant Mother of Thyme (2)
Plant Wooley Thyme (4)
Dig out path for walkway
sow Grass seed
find good quality top soil, sold by the truck load

WOW! I have got a lot to do, and it ain't gettin done sittin here. See y'all later. ;)


Amen. I have a lot of things on my list too. And here it is, 7pm and the sun is just starting to fade from the sky. Another 20 minutes and it will be dark. At least I can work in the basement on getting seeds started.
Machelle said…
It's 10pm here and I just got in from the garden shed, planting more seeds! I really need more daylight. I thought about turning the floods on, but I guess I will wait until morning.
Chandramouli S said…
I envy everyone for their To Do lists. Of course I can make one too, but hey I'm not so methodical as you guys are. You seem to have an inexhaustible store of it! Good luck and Happy Spring!
You have a lot of tasks, but you'll be rewarded with your beautiful garden!

Ginger said…
Thank you for visiting my blog and for the advice on seed-starting! My husband is relieved it will be so cheap and easy to add some warmth!
Phillip said…
Good heavens, did you get all of that done? To answer your question from my blog, YES, I think camellias and rhododendrons would do really well in a shaded eastern exposure. Is your soil acid? Just be careful around house foundations because the soil can be very alkaline there.
Zach said…
ah, the joys of spring! Work, work, work and more work! I completely understand how you feel, the garden is full of God's wonderful creation, it is just way hard to maintain! Good luck on getting your stuff done!
Randy Emmitt said…
Small list if you ask me. I have more than this weekend and we are doing two nature walks and having a family afternoon tea.
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spookydragonfly said…
Hi Machelle...Just stopped by to see what's going on in your neck of the woods and to say hello. I see you haven't posted in must be out in the gardens!
Anonymous said…
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Wow your list is as long as mine, so how are you doing on it? Update, please.
Yep, you have got quite a list to do there. I scribble down lists like that but it is because I would forget if I didn't, not that I am forgetful or anything :-)
Flowers said…
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Anonymous said…
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