Seeds of Hope

My seeds are up! Now is the scary part, I hope I don't kill them. The first trays are tomatoes, Brandywine and Rutger. the brandywine is an heirloom variety. I started the seeds on the 15th and they just came up the 27th.I guess bottom heat is what they needed, because after putting heat underneath they sprouted right on up! We used the decorative rope lights and mounted them to the shelf below the tray. They were very inexpensive compared to heat strips. Thanks to Jan over at I was able to find the complete grow kit with a heat mat at Lowe's. I also have sweet banana pepper and broccoli in the last seed tray.The pepper has sprouted (I hope it is the pepper, the marker fell off!) I guess when the first true leaves appear I am suppose to begin feeding them?? OK, you seed experts out there will have to walk me through this project. lol


Gail said…
There are very good gardeners that may have more info then I can give! You have done a great job so far! ...I know nothing about seed starting unless I can scatter them on the ground!
You may have to thin them out by pulling some, of which I always hate to do :) or very gently transplant some to other pots. I always love to see my seeds sprout and it never fails that I lose some for some reason no matter how hard I try to baby them.
tina said…
They look great. I am with Lona, you might need to thin them out. Or it might work to spread them out to the other cells. I usually do that. Also, begin to add a diluted fertilizer to feed the seedlings. Good luck! They look good!
Machelle said…
I am much like you, usually I scatter mine too and hope for the best, but I wanted to try my hand at starting them indoors, so wish me luck.

I know. I hate thinning them out to, I think I will try transplanting the extras.

when should I thin and ttransplant? and what fertilizer do you recommend, i would like to keep it organic, so maybe fish emulsion? thanks, I may be seeking you out for more advice. LOL
Chandramouli S said…
Yes, thinning is the key and I've had disastrous results when I didn't do it last year (my first time).
tina said…
Hi Machelle, I usually use a good water soluble fertilizer like Miracle grow or something like that. Fish emulsion will work too. The directions should have the amount for seedlings. I think the sooner you thin the better. Normally I am pulling them as soon as they are big enough to handle and putting in another cell. I have never potted up into real pots. As long as they have light and fertilizer they'll be okay. At least this has always worked well for me. Nothing I like better than pulling my flats out to plant and knowing I grew them all to that stage myself! No store bought seedlings. I have cut back though.

I keep forgetting to answer your question on my blog about the deutzia. I try to respond as much as possible but it not always in the cards for me now a days. Anyhow, I grow a 'Pink Minor' deutzia scabra. I like it very much. The flowers look kind of like bridal wreath spirea, but are fragrant and a bit more ornate. Mine is small as I think this one is a hybrid. The old fashioned ones are one of my favorite. My neighbor across the street as a gorgeous one. It is quite large, at least 10' x 10'. I plan every year to steal some cuttings, this year for sure! I think deutzia will do very well for you in Alabama. I don't find the shrub to be picky at all, and my garden is a hard spot to grow since it has so much shade. Deutzia would like more sun but can tolerate some shade. They are lovely shrubs. Folks here in my garden club love them too.
Hi Machelle,
Congrat's! I'm glad they've sprouted and look great so far! Now is the hard part, right? Mine are 'ok' so far, but nothing to write home about;-)

I plan to put more seeds in soon to give myself more of a variety. I hope at least one of us has a positive outcome;)
Bren said…
THIS IS WONDERFUL!!!! I love your blog with photos. You have inspired to get some seeds in some peat pots!

Happy Wordless Wednesday. I don't have too many bird photos but I lots of flowers in my garden - stop by!
RainGardener said…
They look great! I started seeds indoors for the first time and the store bought ones have been coming up. But now some are coming up that I got myself last fall. Whew! Thank goodness those were seeds I got from the flowers - I didn't have a clue. ;-) I'll have to check back and see how you're doing!

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