Transplanting Tomatoes

The time has come, I can not put it off any longer. The tomato seedlings have developed "true leaves". I must transplant immediately.
I made a trip to Lowe's to purchase a bigger light. The grow lights are ok for starting seeds but I felt I needed stronger light for my transplants. This was a nightmare in itself, I bought a cheap shop light and two bulbs, I was so anxious to get home and put them up.
I headed out to the ToadShed and hung up my NEW light and inserted the NEW bulbs, flicker, flicker nothing, hmm I thought, maybe it takes a few minutes to heat up, and so I waited and waited and nothing! I switched out the bulbs and still nothing. I would have to make another trip to Lowe's, but not tonight. I stopped on my way home from work, ran in and bought another light. I planned to bring the dud back later. I hurried home and unpacked the new light, and it worked immediately. i was pleased.
Next day- I went out to the shed to check on my seedlings, when I opened the door I could not believe my eyes, the light was out! I checked to make sure that somehow it had not unplugged itself while I was away, I then checked the bulbs and noticed they were now blown! I guess it goes without saying that I was none to happy. My poor hubby had to listen to my ranting and raving all night.( sorry D )
Luckily the next day, was my off day. I repackaged BOTH lights and the bulbs and headed off to Lowe's for the 4th time. I picked out a more expensive light and it took T8 bulbs, so using my refund, I had 4 cents left. The news light came right on and has been working great.

Now, to get on with my post, didn't mean to rattle on and on.
I gathered up my soil and pots and began transplanting. I really don't enjoy picking off the weaker seedlings at all. Now my tomatoes actually look and smell like tomatoes and my broccoli is looking pretty good too! I am very pleased. I spent most of Saturday inside the garden shed, but I didn't mind because it was cold, cloudy and raining and What better way to spend the day?


RainGardener said…
Hi Michelle,
Well your tomato plants look good. I'll have to check back and see how they did in the end. Probably just wonderful - everyone seems to do well with seeds but me. ;-)
wow - I am so impressed! You've been very busy.

Chandramouli S said…
SO MANY! Now, I'm not jealous but moved! I see you're REALLY busy! Happy Gardening!
Machelle said…
Linda,Cameron and Chandramouli,
I am so surprised that they have made it this far, but I have been babying them a bit. I have just never had any luck starting seeds inside so this was a challenge indeed.
Dave said…
That's very frustrating getting bad lights! The tomatoes look good. Your persistence will pay off!
Ginger said…
Your seedlings look great! I need to look into those rope lights... my bell pepper, eggplant and basil seeds have utterly failed due to temperature, while the rest of my seeds/seedlings are thriving.
I like your blog! I'll be back!
I agree, your tomato plants look look. I will surely visit your blog more often.

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