Waiting on Daybreak

Not too often do I actually get to enjoy the morning, usually I am driving into work 40 miles away. I may get to catch a quick glimpse of the sunrise if i happen to get a break in traffic, then I usually call my honey and share it for a second because he is also driving to work. However this morning I was up before the sun, and as I ventured out into the foggy crisp morning I could hear the birds singing happily, from somewhere in the darkness. I knew then it was gonna be a beautiful day. It's still a bit chilly but at least the sun is gonna shine!!

Hope you all have a sunshiny day.


RainGardener said…
What a nice start to the day. The pictures are lovely.
Machelle, what a beautiful way to start the day. Your shots are gorgeous. I am jealous of the warm temperatures you are getting though :)
spookydragonfly said…
Oh, I'm so glad that you got a chance to experience your captures...they're beautiful. You'll have to do that more often! Love the misty morning!
Chandramouli S said…
Lovely Vista! Every day, the sky seems new and we never grow tired of watching it, do we?
Alan said…
Great photos!

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