Somebody Stop Me !

As you can see I subscribe to too many magazine's, not to mention the ones that catch my attention while I am waiting in a long line at Wal-mart. I can't control myself! I leaf through the pages and if something catches my attention I must buy it. Have you noticed the price of magazine's these days? you can almost but a nice hardback for the price of one of these, well on Amazon you can.
some of these do have an incredible amount of advertisements, however there are a few that have very little. I flip through the pages and dream of the garden that I have planned in my mind. I tell my hubby,sweet thing that he is, if he only had the interest and desire that I have we would have one heck of a garden. He does help wherever I need it but as far as the designing and actual planting he leaves it to me. I tend to think too much about where I want to plant something, I may wander around for hours on end, plant in hand trying to decide where it would be best suited. I am not the type that goes out to purchase a specific plant for a specific area. I go out and buy what I like and decide later where it will go. I will pick out something I must have and show Dewayne how lovely it is, and he will reply " yes, it is. Where are you gonna plant it?" and I will say "hmm, I don't know. And I don't.


Phillip said…
I subscribe to a zillion magazines too. I'm trying to get into the habit of paying the 3 yr. renewal prices. It is hard to do but I realize that I'd be saving a lot of money by doing it.

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