oops! I Did it Again

As I was driving in from work today I was debating with myself whether or not I should drop by Lowe's to see if anything had been added to the Clearence shelf. I just couldn't decide I was really tired and there was probably nothing new anyway, I am getting closer to the entrance, yet I still haven't decided. Well, here I am so I make a sharp right turn on two wheels. Boy! am I glad I did. Those racks were full, and I loaded up. I managed to get $75.00 worth of plants for 35 buckaroos!! I got Coneflower, Dead Nettle,Lysimachia,and several more of the Mona Lavender Swedish Ivy plants. I was so excited. When I arrived in Athens I decided to do a drive by at our local store, and the clearence shelves were loaded there as well, but I decided I had better get on home. In the morning I will head out to Lowe's once again. Ugh, that means I gotta get up early, oh well.


50'srock said…
I have done that exact same thing! I feel a bit guilty for all of 2 minutes, then I am proud of my bargains and start digging as soon as I get home. Just think how lovely our gardens have become as a result of our bargain-hunting. Happy planting!

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