Sometimes you gotta break the rules!!

Well, I have been quite busy in the garden this summer. I have been trying to amend the soil in all of the beds. I have even relocated several plants that were not thriving in the location that i originally chose for them. I try to do this when Dewayne isn’t looking, but somehow he always shows up at about the time I have finally managed to get the plant out of the ground and we (the plant and I) are on our way to it’s new home. I hate the disapproving look he gives me and the question that always follows. ” what are you doing?” o.k. I will admit it . I am a plant mover!There I said it. i firmly believe if a plant is not doing well in one spot move it to another. I have had much success with this practice. Some plants that I have moved this year are: blue star creeper, it was on the brink of death, I knew I had to act fast. I prepared another hole in what I hoped was a more sutible location. Shovel in hand I carefully removed the lifeless plant from it’s would be tomb and Med-Shoveled it to a nearby recovery area, I treated it with some nice rich compost and plenty of water. I am happy to report that it has made a wonderfully full recovery. Oh yes, I did lead my husband over to the once dying plant and said, See sometimes ya gotta break the rules!


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