Ugly in the Garden

I try not to be so critical, sometimes I just can't help myself. I walked out today and all I could see was ugliness. My poor flowers, they looked so sad. I wanted to cry. My mother called, and she quickly decided I was just to ill to talk. She couldn't believe it when she learned that the cause of my "bad mood" was that my flowers were wilted and scorched from the brutal sun beaming down day after day with absolutely no rain at all. When she and the rest of the county get rain, I get none. It somehow dissipates before it reaches my garden. So yes I would say I was a little upset. I wanted to rip them all out by their little dried up roots and swear off gardening forever. Thankfully I refrained from doing so.


Cindy said…
Machelle ~ Thanks for visiting my blog. As you know, I feel your pain. I know exactly how you feel when everyone else gets rain and you get none. That always happens to us. Don't worry, this too will pass and next year we won't have a sunny day to save our soul - lol.

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