Today was wonderful, the weather perfect. In the Tennessee Valley you never know what kind of weather you may get. In August it is usually hot and dry, so low humidity and cooler temps are welcome.I started a new bed today, along the south side of the fence. I don't know what it is about a fence but when I see one I want to plant something. I started digging up plants that I had put in a temporary bed, 10 years ago. I dug out Iris's, daylilies and spiderwort. The soil there is wonderful! It reminds me of the soil in my granddaddy’s garden, so I know it is good. I plan to put some tomatoes there for fall. I recently watched on TV, a man showing how to take cutting from summer tomatoes and place them in a bottle of water in a sunny location and in seven days your tomatoes will have roots and be ready to plant.

I also took a few pictures of whats happening in the garden


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